Spyderco Native Chief LW Delivers Lightest Version Yet of Big Folder

[All Image Credits: SpyderCollector]

[CORRECTION 3/9/23: Updated article with new correct weight of 2.96 oz.]

At long last, SpyderCollector began posting pictures and impressions of new knives from the recent Spyderco Amsterdam Meet. The standout knife for us in his first batch of posts is the Native Chief Lightweight, a line extension to the Native family that delivers some impressive blade to weight specs.

It’s fitting that Spydercollector would introduce the world to the Native Chief LW; it was during his coverage of the 2019 Meet that we first saw the original, G-10 version of the Chief. The Native Chief LW lives up to its name, with a weight of 2.96 oz. That’s about an ounce less than the G-10 model, and an impressive blade to weight ratio for knife with a 4.08-inch blade.

The company achieved this by getting rid of liners completely; the only steel in between the scales is the hardware and the back lock components. According to SpyderCollector, a lot of work went into figuring out a way to remove extraneous metal material without compromising the hardiness of the knife. Over on the Spyderco Forums, the Native Chief LW is already being sized up as an ideal backpacking knife for those interested in getting a lot of blade for the lowest possible weight.

The Native Chief LW prototype in hand at the Amsterdam Meet

Other than the new specifications, the rest of the design will be familiar to users of the original Chief and other models with the LW designation. It has the chamfered FRN scales with the bi-directional texturing, four way repositionable clip, and, of course, the Spyder Hole opener. The blade steel is CTS-BD1 on the prototype, but whether this will affect the price, or even be the same steel on the final release, remains to be seen; SpyderCollector says no further info on those topics was given at the Meet.

There’s more to talk about in terms of the Amsterdam reveals. We’ll be talking about highlights here, but be sure to follow SpyderCollector on Instagram and visit his blog to see the latest pictures as soon as he posts them.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Native Chief LW Prototype [Image Credit: Spydercollector]

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