ESEE Sencillo to Roll out in A2 and Eventually MagnaCut

[UPDATED 9/14/23: Article edited to indicate that the MagnaCut version is expected to follow after the A2 model. Thanks for the clarification ESEE!

MagnaCut’s quest for total global saturation continues, with the super steel’s first appearance in the ESEE lineup scheduled for a later run of an incoming fixed blade called the Sencillo. The Sencillo is designed by none other than Jeff Randall, and it adheres to ESEE’s core tenets of rugged functionality.

In today’s knife world, ESEE remains an outlier in their preference for simple, time-tested carbon steels over the flashier stuff. “ESEE Knives has never been known to favor these magical steels, thus the reason most of their knives are made from 1095,” the company wrote in a recent Instagram post about the Sencillo.

But even ESEE has not been immune to the siren song of super steels, with S35VN appearing on the Xancudo and ESEE-4 fixed blades, for instance, and we all know the meteoric rise to popularity MagnaCut has enjoyed since Larrin Thomas debuted it back in 2021; so it was probably only a matter of time before the crew at ESEE gave the stuff a shot. But for those who prefer veteran tool steels, the first runs of the Sencillo will be made from A2, and, after that first production run, the A2 variant will continue be produced, and will be available ahead of the MagnaCut version, which is scheduled to appear a little further down the pike – ESEE says sometime in Q4.

The Sencillo alongside some of its relations

Regarding the Sencillo design, ESEE (in that same Instagram post) summarizes knife design basics in an entertainingly straightforward way: “Some are big, some small, some light, some heavy, some pretty, some ugly but they should all perform one task well; they should cut.” That certainly seems like something the Sencillo will excel in, with a flat ground blade right around 3 inches that bears a close family resemblance to the Izula-II.

ESEE says that the A2 Sencillo will arrive with dealers in the coming weeks, with more A2 and, eventually, MagnaCut runs to follow.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE Sencillo

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