CRKT Brings MagnaCut into Lineup with Fresh Ken Onion Design

CRKT has been teasing a new knife for a week or so, and at last it’s here: meet the Redemption, a big, premium design from the legendary Ken Onion. The stiletto-inspired Redemption makes CRKT history with two firsts for the company.

Onion is a maker just as famous for his voluminous production design career as his storied custom work; and, of course, these two sides often overlap, as is the case with the Redemption. It is based off an Onion custom knife called the Dead Man’s Hand, a flipper that took the classic Italian stiletto pattern and layered on the signature Onion style. The CRKT Redemption is a big knife, with a symmetrical (but not dagger ground) spear blade that measures 4.06 inches. It’s undeniably in the XL category, but for those not opposed to the extra size, the Redemption looks like it would make a very adept EDC, in addition to the more specialized roles afforded by that length.

The Redemption is designed to be opened by pulling on the Crossbar Lock and flicking it out

The Redemption as daily carry gets even more tempting when you notice that it is the debut platform for MagnaCut in the CRKT lineup. MagnaCut, easily the most popular current-gen super steel in the knife market today, falls into a select group of steels formulated explicitly for knives – it stands alongside recipes like the S30 series in that respect. Formulated to do just about anything with aplomb, MagnaCut’s combination of high edge retention and stain resistance make it especially well-suited for daily chores.

In another corollary to the Onion custom origin, the Redemption has 2/3rds G-10 scales underneath a metal bolster – stainless steel in this case. But it is not, like the Dead Man’s Hand, a liner lock. In fact the Redemption is the first Ken Onion design to be equipped with the Crossbar Lock, CRKT’s ambidextrous Axislike. It’s a strong mechanism that doesn’t add a lot of weight to this large knife; in combination with the G-10 scales the Redemption weighs a reasonable 4.9 oz. despite its overall size.

The Redemption is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Redemption

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