RoseCraft Tarakona is a Monocolor EDC Flipper

Good gravy: there’s another new knife out from RoseCraft Blades, the Tarakona. This one is another contribution from the company’s prolific co-founder, Andy Armstrong, a slick, clean everyday carry knife with a cool monochrome color scheme.

Armstrong has been on a roll; the Tarakona is the third new design of his that we’ve covered in the last thirty days. The two previous ones, the Joka and Kifara, were both named with Swahili words, the former the word for “serpent,” the latter the word for “rhino;” “Tarakona,” on the other hand, comes from the Maori language and it means “Dragon.”

There’s a special spacer on the Tarakona with a slot for a lanyard

At 3.2 inches in length, the Tarakona’s blade probably isn’t the best choice for slaying actual dragons, but it will make a great everyday carry option. RoseCraft calls the blade shape a “K-Clip,” but the exotic sobriquet does not make for an unfamiliar profile: this is an immediately intuitive shape that will be happy to tackle the day-to-day stuff we encounter in typical urban/suburban life. RoseCraft moves between a couple of different steels but they went back to RPM-9 for this one, the powder metallurgy stainless on loan from Artisan Cutlery, who formulated it for their own knives to maximize performance at the entry-level price points.

Slender and aerodynamic, the Tarakona’s handle scales are covered by contoured black G-10 scales to match the black coating on the blade. There are only two variations of the Tarakona and both share the same all-black look, with the only difference being the pop of color provided by the pivot collar – either blue or orange. One element that’s not visible in most pictures is a perforated barrel spacer at the tail end, for looping a lanyard through. The Tarakona carries nicely with a deep carry clip and a weight of 3.2 oz.

It is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Blades Tarakona

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