Makers and Collectors Get Ready for NYCKS 2018

The knife community is on the verge of the New York Custom Knife Show. The yearly event will gather a global community of knifemakers in Jersey City to show off their latest, greatest creations.

The theme of the 2018 NYCKS is fresh talent. “This year will differ from other years in that we have put a focus on new makers that we feel are on the forefront of the industry,” says Steve Dlack of Fifty Fifty Productions, the NYCKS showrunners. Among others, he tells us that the names to watch this year include Damien Krause, Chris Taylor, and Douglas Esposito. “The camaraderie among makers and collectors is especially unique, with the knife community showing up in spades.”

As with many collector-oriented shows, there will be lotteries aplenty for those who are eager to get certain makers’ pieces into their collection. “A tip to those attending would be to look out for the lotteries that individual knifemakers hold at their tables,” Dlack explains. “Make your rounds around the room to make sure you’ve entered into all of your desired lottos.”

When people think of NYCKS they tend to think of custom knives: “[It] is a special knife show in that it brings together both tactical and art knife makers from all over the world,” Dlack asserts. However, there will definitely be an element of production knives as well. Dlack sees production blades as a way of bringing in new collectors and aficionados. Moreover, more custom makers are funding their own small batch production lines with OEM partners than ever. “While custom knives are the focus of the show, many companies and purveyors do have production knives available as well,” says Dlack . “It is our goal to create long term collectors and it’s through these knives the many people begin collecting.”

The NYCKS opens at The Westin Jersey City Newport on Friday, November 16th, and runs from 11am – 6pm. On Saturday, November 17th, it runs from 10am – 6pm.

Knife featured in image: Glenn Waters Knives Dragon Tanto