Emerson and ZT Are Back with the ZT 0640

Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knives have teamed up for a brand new release, the ZT 0640. This latest addition to the ZT lineup, which was teased on social media for the last week, breaks away from previous Emerson/ZT collaborations in terms of its mechanics and overall design.

The 0640 is a streamlined, aggressive-looking knife, marrying the tactical Emerson style to ZT’s emphasis on overbuilt knives. The result is a knife that strikes an interesting balance between the style of its two creators. The 640’s blade, a classic, narrow Emerson drop point, is made from CPM-20CV steel and measures 3.75 inches long. Complementing the narrow blade is a narrow handle that tapers from a flared guard to a pointed, gimped butt end. ZT chose a  reversible, tip-up pocket clip that has a skeletonized hourglass shape; for the lock they snapped to grid with a titanium frame lock, concealed under a green and black carbon fiber overlay.

Unlike previous Emerson/ZT releases, the 0640 lacks the Wave deployment feature. Instead, a simple Emerson thumb disk provides the primary method of opening the knife, similar to the classic Emerson A-100 model. A portion of the tang flares out past the end of the knife and, while it resembles a front flipper flange, it doesn’t appear like that will be an option on this particular knife. ZT outfitted the flipperless 0640 with washers instead of ball bearings as well.

Compared to its now discontinued predecessors, the 620 and 630, the 640 has the longest blade length, adding about a tenth of an inch over the others. However, the reduction in the general footprint has resulted in a massive weight savings. The 640 is the lightest Emerson collab by far, stepping into the ring at just 4.4 oz. (compared to more than 6 oz. for both the 620 and 630).

No release date has been given for the ZT 0640 but it is expected to arrive with dealers shortly.

Knife featured in image: Zero Tolerance 0640