Bear & Son Brings Traditional Look to Modern Automatic

Bear & Son has released the latest addition to its Bear Ops lineup, the AC-550-WSB6-B. The new model incorporates a natural handle material into this large modern automatic.

This newest AC-550 variant maintains the dimensions of its all-G-10 predecessor. That means a modified tanto blade just over 3.5 inches long, made from 14C28N and deployed via a button. According to the company, the unusual blade shape prioritizes the sort of tasks people would expect from a mid-sized tactical offering. “The modified tanto blade is a great self-defense blade,” says Bear & Son’s Jacob Eaton. “It offers a strong tip for thrusting or puncturing purposes and its design compliments its overall tactical appearance.”

The smooth white bone is the major change up for this version of the AC-550. ⅔ of the handle feature this natural material, with a black G-10 bolster off-setting the coloration and creating a tuxedo-style look. It bridges the gap between the two halves of Bear & Son’s catalog: the traditional knives they’ve made for years and the more recent modern-style knives like the AC-550. “We still offer traditional type knives like stockmans, toothpicks, etc in our Bear & Son lineup, which are great knife designs users love, and we plan on expanding current models with new handle and blade materials,” says Eaton.

Some companies will choose one tack or the other, committing wholly to modern or traditional-style knives. But Bear & Son wants to straddle the line and generate offerings for both demographics. “Our Bear OPS line allows us to design and manufacture more modern, tactical knives to meet the demand in the knife industry.” He says that a second modern lineup will continue to supplement the modern side of Bear & Son with more budget-priced offerings. “Our newest line of knives, Bear Edge, also consists of modern pocket knives that are sold at a more affordable price point with the quality control Bear & Son Cutlery is known for.”

The Bear Edge knives are made from 440 steel, while the Bear Ops knives come most often in 14C28N, or sometimes a Damascus steel. When asked about the inclusion of other steels somewhere in the Bear & Son lineup, Eaton tells us that it comes down to a variety of market factors. “Price point, ease of sharpening, and dependability are always factors when choosing which steel will be used in our knife models.”

Knife featured in image: Bear Ops AC-550-WSB6-B