TOPS Bolsters EDC Size Class with 3 Bros Fixed Blades

TOPS is dropping the 3 Bros this week, a trio of small, EDC-friendly fixed blades. The company tells us this unique segment of the fixed blade market afforded the opportunity to experiment with ergonomics and price points.

Each of the knives that make up the 3 Bros family have a different blade shape: a wharncliffe, a drop point, and a tanto. They all sport a 2-inch cutting edge made from 1095 carbon steel. TOPS’ Craig Powell says that the intention with these knives is to sell them separately so that customers can mix and match according to their needs. “I think for a guy that’s just going to carry this around town, he’ll probably just buy one. For the guys that like to whittle or make things, I can easily see those guys getting the set.”

So which style does Powell see accruing the most fans? “As far which of the single knives will be most popular, I see a lot of people reaching for the sheepsfoot and Wharncliffe-style blades these days,” he says. “I’m not sure if that’s a ‘fad’ or a temporary thing, but my bet is it’ll be close between that one and the hunter’s point (drop point). Personally, I’ve always liked the looks of a tanto blade and this one is pretty cool.”

Tiny, EDC fixed blades might be described as a minor trend in the knife world. TOPS has contributed to the format before with releases like the Bartender Defender, but Powell tells us this particular release does something a little different when it comes to ergonomics. Instead of adding length and mass with traditional handle scales, or forgoing them altogether as many do on these small designs, TOPS bolted two Micarta semispheres onto the tail end of each Bro’s tang. “We also wanted something with a unique handle and we feel we pulled that off. These little knives are comfortable to hold in several different grips, even a couple of unconventional grips.”

The other major advantage of the 3 Bros’ diminutive size is a commensurately affordable price. With an individual MSRP of $90, the Bros are among the least expensive knives TOPS has produced. “The concept was to come up with a small knife that still had something of a handle, but that we could set under $100.”

Knife featured in image: TOPS Knives 3 Bros