Man cuts seatbelt with tactical folding knife: Victim rescued with seconds to spare.

Tim Woloszyn, 19, and Roger Turner, 38, both happened to be driving along the same stretch of road in South Beloit, Illinois on Saturday when they spotted a car on fire. The two men had never met before, but quickly began working together to save the unconscious driver of the vehicle.

Woloszyn, fresh out of National Guard training, opened the scalding hot car door with his shirt and cut the 21 year-old driver, free of his seatbelt. “He snapped that seat belt with the knife so quick, it sticks in my head because it was so fast,” Turner told WREX Illinois.

The two men pulled Estrada from the car 20 seconds before the front half of the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Paramedics arrived on scene just a few minutes later. The driver is still reported to be in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

KnifeNews reached out to Woloszyn, who told us that he used a Smith & Wesson Black Ops assisted knife to cut Estrada free.  “I always carry a knife on me every day,” he said.

WREX Photo

When asked why he carries a knife, Woloszyn told us “From being in the military I feel that I should be ready for any problem that arises. You’ll never know when you’ll need one, whether it would be for an emergency or self defence. You should always have one.”

Following Saturday’s accident, Turner said the incident convinced him of the benefits of carrying a knife and he plans on starting now.

Earlier this month, KnifeNews reported the story of an off-duty cop who saved a baby from a burning pick-up truck in a similar circumstance. – Rockford’s News Leader

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