Guess who just took a big step toward becoming a ‘Knife President’

“He absolutely loves the knife and he keeps playing with it!”

Earlier this month, President Obama and celebrity survival expert Bear Grylls broke bread together in Alaska.  But because the President was a guest on Grylls’ TV Show ‘Running Wild,’ they were trekking through the Alaskan wilderness, and the meal they shared was a bear’s leftovers.

Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park. -bo

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This sneak peek from the full episode due to run on NBC, features Grylls preparing and cooking a salmon portion left behind by a bear. In the video, Grylls is seen using the Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout II folding knife, one of his own collaborations with Gerber.

Grylls reportedly ditched the secret service-approved activities and instead gave the President a more authentic experience. “It’s funny, [the secret service] said lots of things beforehand,” Grylls said.  “But on the day I decided to just wing it.”

Reflecting on his brief adventure outside the bubble of relentless secret service protection, President Obama said: “It was one of the best days of my Presidency. First of all, I’m not in the office. Second of all, I’m not in a suit.”

Could President Obama Become a Knife Addict?

After wrapping up filming for the day, Grylls broke another protocol by presenting President Obama with the knife, saying that he should keep it “as a last line of defence if anybody ever got through the secret service.”  This could be the beginning of a knife addiction for Obama because according to Grylls, “I had a great email a few days later from his team saying that he absolutely loves the knife and he keeps playing with it!”

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