Michael Zieba Joins Up with MKM for the Flame

Michael Zieba is the latest name to sign on with the Maniago Knife Makers, the supergroup consortium of Maniago, Italy manufacturers that formed in 2018. Zieba’s new collaboration is resulting in a production version of his popular MS3 custom knife.

As a designer, Michael Zieba can flex into different genres. He established his reputation with kitchen cutlery; in the realm of folders, he has produced knives like the S3, which show off big blades, bold grinds, and beefy handles. But the MS3, on the other hand, emphasizes almost an opposite set of traits: it’s slim and streamlined, with an emphasis on simple lines.

The MKM Flame brings all of these elements faithfully into a production format. It has a 2.83-inch blade made, like many of the premium offerings of MKM’s various members, from M390 steel. Two blade shapes are available: either a flat ground spear point or a dagger-style blade with a fuller in the middle. The length and steel place the Flame firmly into EDC territory, tackling everyday cutting chores with aplomb and benefiting from M390’s longevity.

No thumb stud or opening hole have been put onto either of the narrow blades; the Flame opens only via a ball bearing powered flipper. However, on the dagger models, the flipper tab has a second matching quillion on the off-side to form a traditional dagger-style guard.

Zieba’s original vision is maintained on the Flame’s handle too: a plain shape almost entirely devoid of finger grooves, bracketing, or other ergonomic paraphernalia, with the flipper tab providing the only real landmark; this simplicity allows the handle a great degree of adaptability, readily accepting multiple grips and uses. On all of the variations, the off-side scale is made from titanium and incorporates the frame lock (with industry-standard steel interface on the lock bar); but MKM is offering multiple options for the front scale: green canvas Micarta, titanium, and two flavors of carbon fiber: a conventional marbled style , or an exotic, multicolored “red lava” variant.

The Flame package is rounded out with a titanium pocket clip, situated for tip up carry. The weight of the knife does vary from configuration to configuration, with the lightest models tipping the scales at 2.15 oz., and the ‘heaviest’ coming in at 2.47 oz.

The MKM Flame is expected to show up with dealers soon.

Knife in Featured Image: MKM Flame