Ferrum Forge Shrinks Down the Fortis

Ferrum Forge is preparing to release the Micro Fortis. This is a super shrunk down rendition of the mid-size Fortis model.

At one point, micro knives were mostly associated with the sort of thing you’d impulse buy from a plastic jar at a gas station. But as the quality and variety of knives has continued to develop, this particular genre has become as sophisticated as any other, with popular, high quality releases coming out regularly. Elliot Williamson says that one such knife in particular inspired him to make the Micro Fortis. “Having purchased half a dozen Rike Hummingbirds since they hit the market, I had one of those facepalm moments: Why don’t I just make micro¬†knives out of some of our greatest hits?”

The standard Fortis is the mid-size workhorse of the Ferrum Forge lineup. It has a 3.5-inch drop point blade, flipper action, and a titanium frame lock handle. This Micro Fortis is a clear descendant, with the same recognizable Fortis profile – just very much reduced in stature. At 3.71 inches long overall when open, the entirety of the knife isn’t that much larger than its predecessor’s blade alone.

The Micro’s blade is 1.52 inches long and made from Nitro V. While the Pro Series Fortis 2.0 had an opening hole on the blade, given the much reduced dimensions here the Micro Fortis opens only with a flipper, like the original custom Fortises did. The handle scales are titanium and come in three stock colors: blue, bronze, or standard stonewash gray. Ferrum Forge is also offering users the choice of several other custom anodization colors for those who want a flashier hue.

Williamson says that the Micro Fortis will be a test case, and could be the start of an entire series of micro Ferrum Forge designs. “Assuming they move we will do other models like the Archbishop and maybe the Exec, though the Exec is going a little bit more tricky to scale well.”

If you’re interested in the smallest Ferrum Forge knife yet released, you better act fast. The 300 piece batch of Micro Fortises will go live tomorrow, July 31st 2020 at 8 AM PST/11 AM EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Ferrum Forge Micro Fortis