National Knife Day Deals at KnivesShipFree Have Something for Everyone

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August 24th is National Knife Day! In our (biased) opinion, NKD takes pole position over any of the other big holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter – all three pale in comparison to this late summer celebration of all things edged and excellent.

To coincide with this special day, KnivesShipFree is rolling out some one day only offers on popular brands and products. So, if you have some time in between all the National Knife Day banquets, parades, and firework displays, here are some deals from KSF for your perusal. The theme this year is “free stuff,” with eligible purchases netting you cool freebies. And remember: no matter what you buy from KSF today, it will net you double reward points for your account – so why not stock up for the other holidays as well?

Grab a Spyderco SpydieChef or Drunken today, and you get a Bug to go with it. The SpydieChef and Drunken are both premium collaboration models, and the Marcin Slysz-designed SpydieChef in particular can be hard to come by, so if you’ve been on the fence now is the time to act. Meanwhile, the Bug is a longstanding member of the budget Spyderco lineup, a micro folder that is as undeniably cute as it is useful. Hook it on a keychain and you’ll always have a reliable little user wherever you are (just don’t make the same mistake we did and forget to take it off before going through security somewhere…).

If you’re a knife nerd and haven’t picked up a “real” kitchen knife yet, you should. The difference between a real, quality kitchen knife and the standard stuff you find in most kitchens is as big as the difference between a quality folder and something from Frost Cutlery. Buy any Shun knife at KSF, and they’ll add a Kai Pro Paring Knife to your order for free. A Chef Knife and one of these paring blades together can cover most any day-to-day cooking needs.

There’s a deal on for another KAI brand today, too. Any Kershaw order is shipping out with a little one piece multitool that packs a bottle opener, prybar, and screwdriver into an ultracompact form factor. If you’re looking for a good Kershaw recommendation, the reverse tanto Random Leek has returned after many years, and is our favorite version of the Ken Onion classic.

Given the crazy streak they’ve been on, we’d be willing to be there’s at least one Benchmade knife that you’ve had your eye on. We tried to think of something more outr√© in their lineup to recommend, but honestly, we’re still partial to the good old fashioned, Grivory-handled Mini Griptilian. Pick it or any other Benchmade up today and KSF will send you a bottle opener with your order, emblazoned with that butterfly logo that we all love to see.

Last but not least, any Bark River Knives purchase made today will arrive on your doorstep accompanied by a free polishing cloth. There are approximately 3,000,000 BRK models and variations to choose from, but for something representative of everything the company does right, the Bravo 1 is your huckleberry. If you want to get out of your folding knife comfort zone, the Essential is a high-powered, high class knife that may convert you to the EDC fixed blade lifestyle.

Remember: all of these deals are available for today only, so make sure to act quick – and celebrate responsibly. Happy National Knife Day!

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco SpydieChef