Civivi Gets Its Third Elijah Isham Design

Elijah Isham and Civivi have partnered up for another stylized, budget-priced EDC folder, the Lazar. Like all its predecessors in the production realm, the Lazar has that unmistakable Isham look, which are paired here with the familiar, effective materials that are part and parcel with any release from Civivi.

Isham’s first production release was the Kizer Megatherium, which indicated his penchant for the surreal with its big, bold blade shape and angular handle. But Isham really cut loose with his first We Knife Co. collaboration, the Eschaton. This wild release was a production knife that felt like a high-end custom art knife, with premium materials and an avant-garde, biomechanical aesthetic.

The Eschaton was quickly followed by the Zeta, a knife with a look that still stood out from the pack, but in a less extreme way than the Eschaton. And this is the Isham knife that the Lazar brings to mind more than any other. The trailing point blade is a dead ringer for the Zeta’s, albeit shortened a bit to 3.31 inches in length. That length puts it right in the pocket for everyday carry, and with its acute tip and narrow, flat ground blade, the Lazar’s blade looks like it will excel at slicing in particular. The steel is 10Cr15CoMoV, a stainless steel equivalent to Takefu’s VG-10, so edge retention will be good and corrosion resistance will be very high. The triangular cutout on the blade could function as an opening method, but the Lazar is primarily a front flipper – and of course it runs on ball bearings.

The backside of the Lazar, shown here with black G-10 scales

The Lazar’s handle is narrow, with a low angle to its spine. The G-10 scales (available in purple or black) have top and bottom chamfers, enhancing the ergonomics and also accentuating the subtly skewed visuals. This is a liner lock knife, and it of course comes with the usual Civivi deep carry pocket clip, which is reversible to the other side. The Lazar weighs 2.61 oz.

Civivi says that the Lazar will be available tomorrow, August 26th.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Lazar

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