NCKS Kicks off this Weekend in the Music City

Knife collectors, get ready: the Nashville Custom Knife Show is about to open its doors again.

Some people collect production and custom knives; some are only ever interested in the production stuff, while still others ascend to the custom plane and never look back. Because of this there’s always been a division between custom knife and production knife shows, with only a few of the biggest knife shows (most notably Blade Show) truly straddling the line and cultivating major presences from makers on both sides of the tracks. But Fifty-Fifty Productions, the company behind both NCKS and New York Custom Knife Show, focuses on these small scale, collector-oriented custom events, which is not surprising given that its founder, Stephen Dlack, has been a collector and seller for years.

The exhibitor least isn’t enormous, but for custom knife collectors it’s always a matter of quality over quantity, and there are plenty of heavy hitters on the list. Andrew Demko, Bob Terzuola, and Brad Zinker will be attending, just to name a few. And in among the custom names there are a few production makers in attendance as well, including Artisan and Spartan Blades. Knowing the latter’s penchant for turning out exclusive, decorated versions of their SHF folder, we’d expect them to show up with a few special editions if nothing else.

The NCKS will be running this weekend, November 17th – 18th. On Friday the doors open at 11am EST for VIPs, and 1pm for everyone else. On Saturday the show is open at 10am for everybody. Both days run until 6pm. Tickets are still available.

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