New 2016 Knife VIDEOS: Get Up-Close

Pre-order season is well underway and to help you evaluate the options we’ve organized the videos covered in the KnifeNews SHOT Show 2016 Newsfeed. Keep in mind that there were thousands of prototypes at SHOT Show and these 70 videos scratch the surface of what’s out there. Each video is about 30 seconds long so you won’t have to blow off the workday. Enjoy!


The new 2016 Benchmade line-up was unveiled before SHOT show, and in-hand the knives exceeded expectations. In addition to long-awaited G-10 versions of the classic Griptilian and Barrage lines and new AXIS lock knives, Benchmade branched out with three new flippers and an unconventional fixed blade based on an Alaskan Native knife.


Boker has a history of making production versions of coveted custom blades and 2016 is no exception. Additionally, Boker unveiled their first American-made knife, dubbed simply the “USA.”’s Jason Kunkler was impressed with their growth, saying: “They have become such a broad-based company. When you include their new 2016 products, Böker covers every price point, knife category, and size imaginable – they do everything well.”


CRKT prides itself on making custom designs affordable – no other production knife company consistently makes such a diversity of fixed and folding knives. This year, the company worked with designers including Ken Onion, Jesper Voxnaes, Tom Krein, and Brian Tighe to make their ambitious designs. These videos represent a very small segment of CRKT’s new for 2016 blades.


Kershaw unleashed a deluge of new knives for 2016: they brought a total of 25 new blades to SHOT Show 2016. Alongside the many new budget offerings and new additions to their American-made switchblade line, there were some unusual purpose-built designs on display – like the Barge which includes an integrated pry-bar.


Kizer continues to refine and expand their presence within the knife community. At SHOT Show 2016, Kizer launched an entire line of budget blades they’re dubbing the Vanguard series, which takes many of their most popular models and dress them down in less-expensive materials to hit an attractive price point, without any loss in constrution quality, fit, or finish. In addition to the Vanguard line, Kizer brought a huge array of custom collaborations with makers from around the world.



It has been 30 years since SOG Knives and Tools began in Spencer Frazer’s Santa Monica apartment. Inspired by a rare Japanese Bowie Knife originally designed for a Vietnam-era special forces unit called S.O.G. (Studies and Observation Group), Frazer began making and selling his own replicas of the knife. This year, SOG offers several new folders from simple and practical to overbuilt and tactical.


Spyderco’s new knives this year run from the gentlemanly Lil’ Lum to the intimidating Mamba flipper. Also coming are the Nirvana with an integral titanium frame, and the Introvert, an unusual design that is both a backlock and a flipper. Spyderco also introduced the option of a new premium steel across their American-made models: CPM-S110V, which promises to aggressively hold an edge.


Steel Will Knives impressed buyers this year with a focused collection of fixed blades and folders. The brand is a relative newcomer to the market but is quickly winning fans with their solid designs, reasonably priced options, and scrupulous attention to detail.


KAI’s upmarket brand Zero Tolerance continues to push the envelope of production knives with 6 new designs from knifemaking talents Todd Rexford, Les George, Dimitri Sinkevich, Jens Anso, and others. Also new to American shores is the 0095, which was previously only available on the Russian market.