CRKT Delivers Latest Snap-On Exclusive

CRKT just announced the Relay, a new knife designed by Ken Onion exclusively for Snap-On Tools. The Relay, like most Snap-On tools, will only be sold directly from the company’s website or from one of their tool trucks.

The Relay was made as a true ‘tool’ knife with shop duty in mind. The tire tread texture on its glass-filled nylon handles should make for a solid grip even with greasy hands, and the deep hollow-ground blade is perfect for slicing and scraping. Though the knife is made to work, it features thoughtful high-end touches like the IKBS bearing system around the pivot and a rounded spine on the blade. For four dollars more (at a MSRP of $99.95), Snap-On will also offer a black-coated version of the knife with a partially serrated blade.

The Relay is the latest in a long line of co-branded knives with the toolmakers at Snap-On. CRKT already produces several exclusive knives for the company, including the Relay’s little brother the Rave, also designed by Ken Onion. Snap-On has also worked with Kershaw in the past, and continues to sell several knives made by the company including the Dash and the Hype.

Snap-On tools are still largely sold via their fleet of franchised tool trucks. These mobile retail stores bring the tools right to their customers, eliminating the need for busy professionals and tradespeople to spend time away from work to hunt for new quality tools. Because of their unique distribution model, Snap-On exclusives can become quite desirable for those collectors looking for rare variations. It’s also a sales model that has vaulted Snap-On onto the S&P 500 with a total company value of $3.3 billion.

Knife featured in image: Snap-On Relay