New Blood at Bestech Bringing out the Bruv

It’s the time of year when new models abound across the entire knife world. In the production realm that means that we often see companies recruiting new design talent. Such is the case with Bestech, who tapped Michal Galovič for the Bruv, a handsom front flipper EDC.

We don’t think we’d classify the Bruv as a modern traditional, but there’s something in its refined, wholesome profile that brings barlow knives to mind. It’s also in a similar size class, with a 2.95-inch, ever-so-slightly modified sheepsfoot blade. The sheepsfoot, modified or un-, has a proven track record in an everyday carry capacity, and that’s what we think the Bruv is aimed at, design-wise. Backing up the solid shape is a more than solid steel, M390. Not the newest super steel on the block, but still super for all that, M390 is particularly apt for everyday carry, where the exact nature of the day-to-day chores can vary: today toughness might be called for, tomorrow stain resistance may be paramount.

The Bruv’s clip is loopover, but non-reversible

In terms of opening, Galovič drew up the Bruv with a front flipper; roll your thumb over the protrusion and let physics (and the ball bearing pivot) do the rest of the work for you. Front flippers are not only (arguably) more fidget friendly than a spineside flipper, they also have less of an impact on the knife’s profile as a whole, as they run in-line with the handle direction rather than protrude from it.

A plainspoken handle allows the Bruv to accomodate hands of different sizes as well as grips of different intents. On all variations the off-side scale is made from titanium, as it also houses the frame lock bar (steel-capped as usual). The front scale gives you multiple material options, including a full Ti flavor; but, for us, the scene stealer is the Ultem variant; this beautiful amber thermoplastic is growing in popularity across the industry, and we are nowhere near being sick of it yet. The Bruv’s loop over clip is non-reversible, so lefties will have to deal with that during retrieval.

The Bruv is slated to arrive at the end of February.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Bruv

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