Les George Takes Center Stage for Boker’s Collection 2024 Knife

Les George has graced Boker with its limited edition, Boker Plus Collection model for 2024. He brought his full style to bear on this one, delivering a collectible knife with all the fixings backed up by hard use design chops.

George has crafted quite a resume for himself over the years, both in the custom and production halves of the field. He’s known for a rough and tumble aesthetic informed by the needs of users, not collectors: a Les George design, no matter how dressed up, speaks directly to its role as a tool, one that may need to be counted on in extreme or unexpected circumstances. Naturally, all of this comes through on today’s knife as well, which we’ll call the Collection 2024 for short.

For the true steel heads out there the main draw will be another Boker blade incarnated in CPM MagnaCut, the miracle metal from Larrin Thomas that uses powder metallurgy to elevate the concept of an all-arounder steel to a new level. It dovetails quite nicely with the 3.66-inch drop point George drew up for the Collection 2024; that’s a shape that’s up for nearly anything you can throw at it, including, at that length, bigger cutting chores – assuming you can bring yourself to use this limited edition piece in such a way.

All the hardware on the Collection 2024 is anodized blue

The handle is all about the wow factor, with a show side scale comprised of not one, but two different pieces of Fat Carbon carbon fiber. There’s a bolster made from the “Black Dunes” flavor, and a 2/3rds scale made from “Space Coral” config. Flip the thing around and you’ll see the slab-style full titanium back scale, with the requisite steel-capped frame lock in tow, as well as a pleasingly chunky, bespoke sculpted titanium clip. The Collection 2024 weighs 4.9 oz. and comes with a felt storage case as well if you plan on keeping it on the shelf.

The Boker Plus Collection consists of single, limited run designs that are each released one time only. The Collection 2024, which is slated to arrive soon, will arrive in a batch of just 500 pieces, so keep your ear to the ground if you want this one.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Collection 2024

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