SHOT Day 3: Buck Preps 2024 Legacy Collection Alongside New Value Folders

Buck’s SHOT Show lineup pays homage to their long history with four striking remasters that comprise the 2024 Legacy Collection; but the company also looks forward with another batch of affordable, modern folders, as well as expansions to popular existing models.

Buckmaster 2.0 (Legacy Collection)

The Legacy Collection provides buyers with a chance to snag limited production versions of discontinued, historic pieces from the Buck catalog, often with some modern updates. Leading the Legacy Collection pack this year is the Buckmaster 2.0, a wild-looking dive knife. Made from 420HC steel with a partially serrated, 6.75-inch blade, the Buckmaster’s most noteworthy characteristic is the removable, crossguard-like EAW, or Emergency Anchor Wing.

Akonua (Legacy Collection)

Another deep cut from the Buck archives, the Akonua was a sibling knife to their perhaps more well-known Kalinga, which which it shares a striking, curvaceous look. The trailing point blade on this Legacy Collection version measures 4.75 inches and is made from S35VN steel.

500 Duke (Legacy Collection)

Buck dropped a batch of these in December as that month’s Buck of the Month release, but they’re taking a second bite of the apple in 2024, with an even more dressed up version of the Duke that sports S30V blade steel, marbled carbon fiber scales, and a pocket clip.

112 Ranger (Legacy Collection)

The popular Ranger gets a Legacy Collection piece this year, with textured Richlite scales and an S45VN blade. The blade shape is also the drop point variation, rather than the clip that you see on the standard incarnation of this knife.

Buck 112 Ranger Slim Pro TRX (Legacy Collection)

The name is a real mouthful, but this is an upscaled version of the modernized 112 that Buck has had in their lineup for several years. As with the more classical 112 above, this one has S45VN blade steel. Full titanium scales are on tap too.

Trace and Mini Trace

A new line of accessibly priced modern folders, the Trace features a heavily skeletonized aluminum handle (shown here in KnifeNews orange), and a drop point blade made from 7Cr17 steel. The full-sized model’s blade measures 3.23 inches, while the Mini comes in at 2.43 inches. Both knives open with a flipper and have a liner lock.

Trace Ops and Mini Trace Ops

Similar but different to the standard Trace models, the Ops variants, uh, opt for a reverse tanto blade shape instead of the drop point, and camo-inspired handle colorations. The blade lengths of the standard and Mini Ops are the same as on the standard Traces, as is the blade steel.

Sovereign and Mini Sovereign

Similar to the Trace family, the Sovereign is an entry level, 7Cr17 EDC knife, with blade lengths of 3.2 inches (for the full size) and 2.65 inches (for the Mini). All versions use button locks, and all have stainless steel handles, although there is an option (pictured) with a carbon fiber graphic applied to the scales.

Elite and Select Alpha Models

Buck is growing the Alpha fixed blade line, with Select (entry-level) and Elite (premium) versions of the Hunter, Guide, and Scout patterns. The Select models have GFN scales and 420HC blade steel, while the Elite models comes with G-10 and MagnaCut.

Wharncliffe Deploy Models

There’s one other line expansion to talk about: the addition of wharncliffe blade models to the Deploy single action auto lineup. The new blade shape can be had in both full size and Mini sizes, just like the drop point predecessor.