New Boker Collaborator Draws up Quirky Gearhead Slipjoint

Here’s another interesting piece on the way from Boker: the Gearhead. A quirky design from first-time Boker Collaborator Henning Marxen, the Gearhead is a slipjoint knife, but not in any traditional sense.

At 1.77 inches, the Gearhead’s blade is right in the pocket (ha ha) for backup knife – almost a keychain carry, which is reinforced by the lack of a pocket clip and the extremely compact form factor when it closes (more on that below). The blade shape is a trendy modified cleaver, with the same broad profile we associate with the genre, but here it’s canted to give the main edge a belly rather than run it out in a straight line. The blade steel, D2, is an unsurprising choice here; we’ve seen it more and more in the Boker lineup (and the knife world at large, of course). On a knife of this size class, D2 is a particularly canny choice, as backup cutting chores won’t tax the edge much at all.

Opening is done through the oval-like cutout in the blade – but the deployment mechanism isn’t as interesting as the way in which it works in the knife as a whole. Rather than the usual back spring-style setup, the Gearhead lives up to its name, with a toothed tang that moves under a secondary handle piece, clicking into a closed or open position. It may not look like anything else out there, but in practice we expect the Gearhead to work like any other modern slipjoint – something that uses, say, the double detent setup that Serge Panchenko helped pioneer.

The handle itself is a single piece of G-10, and when the Gearhead is closed the blade is still exposed on the show side, as it would be on a dog tag style knife. At 2.72 oz. the Gearhead is nice and light, and seems more than capable of riding in the coin pocket or similar locale.

The Gearhead is slated for release in the latter half of 2023 – Boker says to expect it at the beginning of August.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Gearhead

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