GiantMouse Iona Gets the MagnaCut Upgrade for 2023

With a fairly sizeable catalogue to its name now, it makes sense that GiantMouse has spent some time recently looking back on previous releases, tweaking or otherwise retreating them. At the beginning of July they brought out a limited edition Vanadis 4E Atelier; now, at the end of the month, they’ve released the Iona V2, a retooled version of one of their older ACE line models.

At the core of the GiantMouse philosophy lies the collaborative design language between Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes, Denmark’s two most prominent, prolific knife makers. Each GiantMouse release incorporates signature elements of both men, and the original Iona (as well as the sequel) was no exception. Released in 2020, the Iona’s handle sported the topographic style milling that is a classic Jens Anso flourish; its handsome, puukko-esque drop point blade shape embodied the no-nonsense cutting tools that formed the core of Voxnaes’s, especially on the production collaboration side of things.

The new, GiantMouse-branded pocket clip

The V2 retains most of the elegant original design, but the use category has been adjusted somewhat. GiantMouse says they wanted the sequel to be better suited to outdoors chores, and to that end they’ve made the blade a little bigger. Now it measures 3 inches even, and notable too is that the steel is now MagnaCut. M390, which the original Iona’s blade was composed of, was (and is) no slouch in terms of performance, but as a much newer steel, MagnaCut performs better than its compeer in all the key metrics, and the added toughness should do especially well in the aforementioned outdoor applications.

The V2 is still a liner lock, but the option for topographical scales has been removed. The V2 adheres to the current GiantMouse inclination for fewer variations, limited in this case to just two color options: black linen or green canvas Micarta. Both versions come with an “I-beam” style pattern 3D machined into each scale. The 3.4 oz. Iona V2 comes with the wire clip that GiantMouse has been using for some time, but it is also compatible with a new, GiantMouse-branded clip, which can be swapped out for curious users.

The Iona V2 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Iona V2

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