GiantMouse Brings Vanadis 4E into Lineup for Limited Edition

Earlier today we talked about a limited edition Leatherman release that, at the time of publication, was already long gone. Well, in an effort to rebalance the knife karma scales, we’re also highlighting a limited edition release from GiantMouse that, at the time of publication, is still available: the Vanadis 4E Atelier.

We covered the standard Atelier when it released in March. It is an ACE line EDC, modeled after the Grand, but smaller than that knife. Naturally, the dimensions on the Vanadis 4E Atelier match those of the standard flavor: most importantly that means a blade length of 2.75 inches, a measurement ideal for everyday carry for most users out there. The heavy swedge gives the drop point a little harpoonish attitude, and is opened with the comet-shaped opening hole we’ve seen on quite a few GiantMouse pieces at this point.

It’s what the blade is made of that really makes this variation something special. The blade steel is Vanadis 4E, a premium powder metallurgy tool steel from Bohler-Uddholm. Vanadis 4E doesn’t see a ton of circulation in the production realm, but has earned high praise from the gurus at both ZKnives and Knife Steel Nerds. As a tool steel, Vanadis 4E is only semi-stainless, but the black PVD coating here should make that slight susceptibility more or less a non-issue in most use cases.

The black blade is paired to a black handle, made from canvas Micarta laid over steel liners – the off-side liner also functioning as a liner lock, as it did on the original models. The Vanadis 4E Atelier’s titanium backspacer is anodized blue and, on the interior side, you can see the serial number for your specific piece.

This batch is limited to 300 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Vanadis 4E Atelier

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