Leatherman Garage Project Release Stars MagnaCut

The Leatherman Garage rolled out their fifth super-limited project today. The Batch 005 multitool (which, sadly, sold out almost immediately), is billed as a celebration of 40 years in the business; in that spirit it’s an impressive take on the pliers-based format that Leatherman pioneered.

It’s been a while since we’ve covered the Leatherman Garage project. In short, it’s a sort of custom arm of the company, producing limited runs of experimental models – things that don’t necessarily appear at all in the standard Leatherman catalog. For instance, the third Leatherman Garage release was the Parts, a folding knife with swappable blades. Batch 004, the previous Garage release, was the Europe75, a folder centered around addressing the needs that might arise during travel – an idea sparked by the origin story of the Leatherman PST.

The Batch 005 with all its tools on display

Batch 005 celebrates the entire history of the Leatherman multitool and, as such, is a full-featured example of the form, packing in 22 different tool functions including spring-loaded main priors, file, saw, can opener, even a dedicated package opening tool. The headlining feature for us knife nerds, however, is the main blade, given a brown Cerakote and made from, you guessed it, MagnaCut. This is the first time MagnaCut has been used on an Leatherman product of any sort.

Given that this is a tribute to classic Leatherman tools, it’s no surprise that the chassis is the standard, symmetrical two-part handle, here given a contrasting stark white Cerakote. The 8.65 oz. tool comes with a loop over pocket clip (anodized brown like the MagnaCut blade), but a retro leather Leatherman sheath is also included.

Or, perhaps, we should say was included, because these bad boys sold out in mere minutes. But we’re hopeful that we’ll see some of these elements – in particular that MagnaCut blade – make their way onto other Leatherman products that will be offered on an ongoing basis. You can also get on a waitlist to be notified of all future Garage projects to increase your chances of snagging one.

Featured Image: Leatherman Garage Batch 005

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