Bestechman Line Gets Third Model in the Form of a Mini Dundee

Bestech is continuing to slowly but surely build out the catalog for Bestechman, the budget-focused sub-label it debuted last year. They’ve just revealed the Mini Dundee, a smaller version of the very first Bestechman model.

Bestechman is less than a year old. It was quietly launched late last summer, with the inaugural model, the original Dundee, an Ostap Hel design that set the tone for the label. Bestech itself made knives at many different price points, but the Bestechman initiative being focused specifically on budget stuff seemed to indicate more focus on premium pieces under the parent label – an observation borne out with most of the recent Bestech product reveals. Given their history with Hel, it made sense that Bestech turned once again to the maker for the flagship knife in this new project.

The Mini Dundee is the spitting image of its bigger brother

The Dundee was a mid-size everyday carry knife, very much in line stylistically with other Hel designs. When we spoke to Hel about the Dundee, we asked if he had any plans for bringing the design into the main Bestech line with upgraded materials; he told us no, but we didn’t ask about other sizes of the knife in the Bestechman lineup itself – egg on our face!

The Mini Dundee scales the blade down to 2.92 inches, a fairly significant reduction compared to the 3.35-inch blade on the original. We’d say that it still falls into the same use category, with perhaps a handful of larger everyday chores out of its reach – but dipping below the all-important 3-inch line means that this version of the knife is legal to carry in more places. The liner lock, D2 blade steel, and pocket clip are all carried over from the original unchanged.

The Bestechman Mini Dundee is expected to arrive this month.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestechman Mini Dundee

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