New Kombou/Bestech Collab References 80s Classic

Grzegorz Grabarski, a prolific knife designer best known by his online alias Kombou, will have a fresh production collab out with Bestech just in time for Blade Show. The Blind Fury references an 80s classic with its name and, in the spirit of that movie goes for an over the top tantofied look.

The Blind Fury’s futuristic tactical vibe centers around its 3.62-inch blade. This one definitely falls into the “American” tanto school, with a marked change in angle between primary and secondary edges. The dramatic shape evokes the blade that Rutger Hauer’s character wields in the Blind Fury movie; here, in this folding knife interpretation, there is almost equal real estate devoted to both the primary and secondary edges.

This wild blade has obvious stylistic appeal, but the Blind Fury also looks like it will be an impressive cutter. Angled the way it is, the secondary edge gives a nice approach to diagonal cutting, and even the primary edge is canted upwards, bringing the entire geometry more in line with a drop or clip point in some ways. Then of course there’s that elongated, pierce-happy tip. All of these characteristics are enhanced by the presence of the Bestech standard super steel, M390, a classic choice in high performance powder metallurgy.

Premium choices continue on the handle. Each scale consists of a slab of sculpted titanium, with a frame frame lock located underneath the off-side scale. Furthermore, as is the style of the time, the inlay options include multiple flavors of stylized carbon fiber, and the scales will come in several different colors as well.

There is no hard release date for the Blind Fury at this time, but Grabarski said on his Instagram account that it should be available to purchase before Blade Show 2023 at the start of June.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Blind Fury

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