Victorinox Makes Another Foray into Outdoors Fixed Blades

Victorinox has returned to the fixed blade category with the Venture collection, a new line of outdoors knives. Like most Victorinox products, the Venture knives are designed to be accessible price-wise and offer users some multifunctionality as well.

There are two varieties of Venture, standard and Pro. There’s no difference in terms of specifications between the two grades. Both have a 4.13-inch blade, the sort of low-slung drop point that we’ve seen before in the Victorinox line; made from 14C28N, it is a classic outdoors blade, capable of both primary and backup cutting roles. There’s some jimping near the dropped tip for high-control cutting – a feature often seen on hunting knives. The full tang body is covered by a 360-degree TPE scale, with some texturing and grooves in the expected places. Finally, the lanyard hole cut into the full tang pulls double duty as a hex driver.

The sheath on the standard Venture

What makes the Venture Pro the “Pro” is a couple of key additional features. One is obvious: there’s a bow drill pivot on the show side of the knife. This shallow concavity can be used as a friction point for starting fires – another notch in the Venture’s outdoors knife credentials belt. Too, the Pro’s sheath, much like the Cellidor scales on a SAK multitool, holds a pair of tweezers, a pen, and a ferro rod.

It’s worth noting that, although the standard Venture’s sheath doesn’t include a ferro rod, it does have the same 90-degree spine for fire-striking. One other key difference is that the standard Venture comes in multiple colors – red, green, or black – while the Venture Pro is available only in black. There is also a Bushcraft Outdoor Kit sheath for the Pro (sold separately), which adds in integrated sharpening stones and a 2cm drill to expand the knife’s capabilities that little bit further.

The entire Venture line officially released last week, but some models, including the Pro, are currently sold out. Expect availability to stabilize as we move further away from the release window.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Venture Pro

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