New Designer, New Fixed Blade Over at Kizer

If you’re looking for something a little unconventional to ask for this Christmas, Kizer may have the knife for you: this is the Metaproptizol, a burly fixed blade from newfound talent Alikhanov Adil.

Although their releases are a tad more sporadic, Kizer is up there with companies like Boker and We when it comes to sheer catalog size. That being said, they have historically heavily favored folders over fixed blades, with there being just 14 different fixie models in their current lineup prior to the Metaproptizol’s arrival.

Even within that narrow slice of the catalog, the Metaproptizol sets itself apart with its size and hyrbid knife characteristics. According to Kizer the knife is inspired by military fixed blades, but those characteristics have been mixed with outdoors knife elements, further enlivened by Adil’s apparent aesthetic, all sweeping lines and pristine surfaces.

To move onto more practical details, the 5.59-inch blade length makes the Metaproptizol the biggest Kizer fixed blade currently available, and lands it squarely in a generalist outdoors use role. You could call the shape a Japanese tanto, although to our eyes it looks more like a drop point with a spicy grind; either way, you’ve got something that looks like it could take a licking and keep on ticking. The D2 steel is not surprising, but neither is it unwelcome, with a long history in outdoors use stretching back decades.

A Kydex sheath is included with the Metaproptizol

Handle design here skews in the tactical direction, with some semi-defined finger grooves and a flared pommel to keep the hand locked in place. The substantial, contoured Micarta scales should last just about forever, and retain grip even in uncertain weather conditions. Kizer is offering the Metaproptizol, which weighs 9.56 oz., with a robust Kydex sheath.

Alikhanov Adil is a Russian designer, but we were unable to find any more information on them than that. Needless to say this appears to be the first Alikhanov Adil production piece, from Kizer or anyone else.

It’s going to be available soon.

Knife in Feature Image: Kizer Metaproptizol

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