Real Steel Crafts Production Homage to Poltergeist Custom

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s story, we’ve got more Real Steel News. Jakub Wieczorkiewicz, AKA Poltergeist Works, just turned out another collaboration folder with Real Steel Knives. The 2600 Delta is faithful adaption of a Poltergeist custom with the same name, built with reliable, premium tier materials.

The 2600 Delta, to us, is the definitive Wieczorkiewicz custom, the flagship design in his portfolio. With its compact but highly capable profile and superclean, industrial-inflected aesthetic, it rides in the vanguard for a catalog of knives that have built, riffed on, and expanded these design elements.

When we first started writing about knives, it was an event just to see any sort of collaboration between a custom maker and a production manufacturer. Today, the scope of knife manufacturing allows production adaptations of custom knives to be much more common – and much more faithful to their inspirations too. So it shouldn’t shock anyone to see the RSK Delta hewing close to its custom forefather. At 2.9 inches the blade is a teensy bit bigger, but still an EDC cutter through and through. The steel used is a familiar face, S35VN, so you get an ample helping of the three main qualities of any everyday carry steel: edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

There’s a Fat Carbon option for the inlays

Like the overall Poltergeist aesthetic, the Delta’s ergonomics are refined, attractive, and fundamentally functional. A large forward finger choil on the blade gives the user a lot more real estate than it initially seems, and the simple, “curves ‘n’ flats” profile of the handle proper doesn’t throw up any surprises nor necessitate any special learning to use. This RSK production model retains the oversized bird’s eye screws on either side of the handle, which are a key visual element of the custom version.

Now, onto some handle details: the scales are titanium, the lock is a frame lock, and the clip 3D sculpted. The narrow inlays (two on the front scale, one on the back scale) come in Micarta and carbon fiber flavors.

The Delta 2600 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives 2600 Delta

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