Real Steel Surprises with Very Limited Edition of Recent Release

Real Steel dropped a bit of a surprise today: an exclusive variation of a new Maciej Torbe design called the Bullet. There are three things you need to know about the Bullet: it’s a real looker, it’s available now, and, in this variation, it’s extremely limited.

“Highly technical” is how we’d describe the Bullet’s look; it’s an aesthetic established right off by the blade, an exaggerated American tanto shape. It looks like nothing else and opens in a bit of an off-kilter way, too. The Bullet is fundamentally a front flipper, but the ramp-shaped tab should have a bit of a unique feel to it compared to more common, linear flipper tabs. These considerations aside, a 2.91-inch blade length means the Bullet works just as well in an EDC role as more conventionally-styled offerings; S35VN blade steel guarantees good performance in that role too.

Torbe’s customs have a dense, stacked look to their handles, with the scales cut into different levels and textures, and often topped by an onlay to accentuate the verticality. All of this has been carried forward here on the Bullet, with its tiered titanium scales capped, on both sides, with an onlay – but not any old onlay on this special edition: the onlays here are made from brass damascus, which looks phenomenal; they have a weathered, antique flavor that should age with heightened grace.

As we mentioned, the Bullet we’re talking about today is a limited run consisting of, believe it or not, just three pieces; so if this is the version you want to grab, you better grab it yesterday. If you happen to miss out, though, don’t fret, because a group of standard production Bullets also hit shelves recently; the blade steel and titanium scales remain, but obviously the onlays are made from other materials than brass damascus.

All Bullets are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Bullet

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