New Flexible Fixed Blade Arrives from Sencut

Sencut, the third, budget-focused brand under the We Knife Co. label, is dropping a new fixed blade this month called the Waxahachie. This fixie looks to fulfill multiple roles with its amenable dimensions and all-purpose blade shape.

The Waxahachie sports a stylized bowie blade, a clip point with a very pronounced clip to it. Like most bowies, despite the aggressive style, it’s actually very balanced in terms of edge profile, with a straight edge, belly, and pierce-capable tip. At 3.7 inches long, this is not a massive fixed blade, but it’s certainly big enough for light to medium outdoors use, while still being small enough to carry as an EDC fixed blade for some; and of course it fits that companion outdoors knife role very well too, riding alongside a heavier knife for when a more delicate touch is called for.

The handle saves weight with three massive cutouts

When Sencut hit the scene in the fall of 2020, our first question was, How did it differ from Civivi? Prior to Sencut, Civivi was considered the budget We label, but after Sencut arrived, Civivi shifted up into the middle spot in a “Good, Better, Best” division between the labels. Sencut took up the entry-level mantle with humble but effective materials; the Waxahachie’s blade is made from 9Cr18MoV, a common sight on Sencut blades and a small upgrade over the familiar 8Cr13MoV.

The handle materials are also something we’ve seen before in the Sencut lineup, and, indeed all over the knife world: G-10 scales over a full tang liner. The profile is a simple arch, with flared ends on both the front and back to keep the hand from sliding up onto the blade or down off the handle. Three large holes are cut through the handle, removing a not insignificant amount of material and making the weight a nimble 4.42 oz. The Waxahachie comes with a Kydex sheath, a T-Clip for belt carry, and a lanyard cord.

The Waxahachie is available now directly from Sencut.

Knife in Featured Image: Sencut Waxahachie