We Knife Co. Establishes New Sencut Brand

The already incredibly prolific We Knife Co. isn’t just releasing a new model: they’re founding an entire new brand, called Sencut.

The company tells us that the Sencut knives are intended to be their dedicated budget and entry-level label. “Sencut will be the ‘Good’ product in the ‘Good, Better, Best’ model, with Civivi being better and WE obviously the best,” explains Sencut’s Seth Ercanbrack.

With Civivi being the closest point of comparison, Ercanbrack says that the expected budget-conscious differences will be in place. “The difference between Sencut and Civivi will primarily be in the materials, with higher quality and more various materials being used for Civivi.” We’ve already seen Civivi models that showcase different steels and handle materials beyond what may be expected from what was originally perceived as WE’s budget brand.

But Ercanbrack says that, even with its more limited material palette, Sencut will establish its own identity on the market. “WE Knife Co. products under any brand will always stand out from the crowd as the very best knives available at a price,” he tells us. “Sencut will be no different in that respect and will provide the highest quality product available for their price. The designs…as well as the distribution and marketing methods will be unique to Sencut.”

There are two Sencut models out now, with another 6-10 slated for release over the next two years. The first model is the Citius, a 2.49 oz. EDC knife with a blade that runs to 3.3 inches in length. For those looking for something a little more rugged with which to test out the new brand, there’s the Actium. With a broad, 3.46-inch harpoon blade, this one should be able to move into more strenuous cutting chores than the Citius if there’s a need; but a deep carry pocket clip and reasonable 3.88 oz. weight make the Actium a more than reasonable EDC choice as well.

In terms of steel, Sencut looks to be taking a page out of Civivi’s book and working with multiple formulations, even in their more budget-conscious arena. The Citius is sporting 9Cr18MoV, while the Actium is made from D2. In terms of construction and materials, both knives have G-10 scales (available in multiple colors) over stainless steel liners, and secure with liner locks.

Sencut knives have been slowly trickling into the market, mainly through Amazon at this point. Expect to see more availability by next year, including from Sencut itself. Outside designers have played a big role in both of Sencut’s sister brands’ lineups, but Ercanbrack reckons we can expect more in-house work from Sencut. “It is likely that we will have some collaborations but most designs will come from in house.”

Knife in Featured Image: Sencut Citius