RSK Preps New Slipjoint from Jakub Wieczorkiewicz

The slipjoint love continues over at Real Steel Knives. Hot on the heels of the Gslip compact reveal, the company has announced the incoming Stella, latest slipjoint from Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works.

Wieczorkiewicz’s first production effort in the slipjoint arena was the Luna, a popular model that has seen lots of variation since its initial release. The Stella comes with a blade length of 2.95 inches – a boost over the original Luna, whose cutting edge measured 2.76 inches, but still within the blade length limits for legal carry in the United Kingdom.

Compared to the Luna’s drop point blade shape, the Stella’s blade is more, well, dropped – we’re looking at something that’s more of a modified wharncliffe here. But the changes in shape and length don’t change the Stella’s remit from that of its forebear: this is an EDC knife in the traditional sense, made to be carried everyday and used for daily chores.

The blade steel on offer is VG-10. Until recently, this stainless steel has been a somewhat uncommon occurence in the RSK lineup, but with the release of the Gslip compact and now the Stella, it is becoming increasingly common. For reference, both the original, titanium handled Luna and the subsequent Luna Lite used steels other than VG-10 (N690Co and D2, respectively). The Stella is opened with an ambidextrous fuller-style nail mark and two hands, like most of its ilk.

Wieczorkiewicz’s handle moves in some unusual directions for a knife of this size and application. The handle, divided roughly in half into two different levels, moves out and down in something that almost approaches a pistol-style grip. The scales are made from G-10, available in several different colors; the Stella weighs just 1.83 oz. and carries with a reversible pocket clip.

There has been no release date given for the Stella at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Stella