New Kershaw Factory Special is Fresh Version of the Legendary Leek

Hot on the heels of a Factory Special Series release from Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, the other half of the KAI USA coin, gets an FSS model of its own. This one is a dressed-up version of the Leek, Kershaw’s most recognizable knife.

What can we say about the Leek that hasn’t already been said? It’s probably Ken Onion’s most famous production knife design, which, considering the amount of work Onion has done with Kershaw and others, is really saying something. But, in the years since its original release, as the everyday carry knife category grew and grew, there may be some newer members of the knife community who got into the hobby after the Leek’s heyday. Honestly, we think it still holds up when compared to the next generation of EDC knives, with a blade shape ideal for day-to-day chores and a quirky look all its own.

The alterations made to the Leek for this special edition are purely cosmetic, with the assisted-opener’s standard aluminum scales spiffed up with a hydro-dipped, gray digicam coating, and the 14C27N blade given a complimentary blackwash finish. Everything else is the same: same handle shape, same clip, same great carry weight of 2.5 oz.

As mentioned above, this FSS Leek arrives a week after the Zero Tolerance line got an FSSified 0022. That model also made a cosmetic change, with a copper front scale and silver hardware replacing the standard version’s carbon fiber scale and black hardware. The 0022CU, as it is called, is still kicking around with dealers too, but we don’t expect it to be for much longer.

Knife in Featured Image: Kershaw Factory Special Series Digital Gray Camo Leek