Zero Tolerance 0022 Gets Copper-scale’d Factory Special

It’s been a quiet year so far for Zero Tolerance, but the company is putting out their latest Factory Special Series release ahead of Blade Show next month. This FSS model is a copper-clad rendition of the 0022, a diminutive EDC flipper knife.

The standard 0022 arrived on the scene in 2019. It was then, and is still, the smallest folder ZT has ever produced, with a blade length just 1.8 inches long. Designed by Tim Gaylean, the 0022’s dimensions and all-purpose trailing point blade shape gave it an easy EDC classification.

The major change on the 0022CU, as it is called, is right there in the name; instead of the carbon fiber front scale seen on the original, this one has a full copper front scale. Copper is a popular handle material with enthusiasts and collectors, not only because it’s uncommon, but because it can actually patina over time, giving a personal feel to each knife that more eternal materials like carbon fiber can’t provide.

The off-side of the 0022CU is the same as the original’s

Of course, there’s one downside to copper: it’s heavy. That’s where the 0022’s dimensions help because, even though the copper front scale adds a whole ounce to the knife, when you start with something as featherweight as the original 0022 that’s not a big deal. Thus the 0022CU comes in with a weight of only 2.8 oz., which is still low enough for us to give it a lightweight classification. New silver hardware replaces the blue/black stuff on the standard 0022 as well.

The 0022CU is, so far, the only release Zero Tolerance has put out this year. The company, never one for massive line expansions, didn’t bring a single new thing to SHOT Show, but has hinted in the past that things are in the works for later in the year. If we had to guess, we’d say that next month’s Blade Show in Atlanta will see the release of at least one brand new ZT knife.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0022CU