Shirogorov Turns Back to the Hati After an Extended Hiatus

Shirogorov treated fans to a long-anticipated release over the weekend, returning to the Hati model after a bit of a hiatus. The Hati Gen. 3 sees little revisions all over and breaks new ground in the serial production Shirogorov line with its upgraded pivot.

The Hati Gen. 3, open

Shirogorov is not a shop known for its huge range of models. Each one is worked on intensely and, eventually, iterated on. “We have updated and reworked F95s and NeOns, made two generations of Quantums, along with its third version within the framework of the Ursus Line. F3 and 111 got their share of updates, as well,” Shirogorov representative Tom wrote in a post on the Shiro forums. “And all this while, Hati has been patiently waiting.”

On a visual level, the Hati Gen. 3 looks a lot like its predecessors, and indeed the general specs have not changed. The blade is the same 3.74-inch drop point. In this way it falls in line with other “EDC Plus” Shirogorov folders, coming in with a highly capable size without sacrificing EDC slicing performance for that extra real estate. The M390 blade stock has been thinned down a skoche, from 4mm to 3.5mm. “Recently we have been increasing the share of 3.5mm (0.14in) thick blades in our overall production,” Tom’s post continues. “Hati Gen. 3 is no exception to this trend.”

The blade stock on the Gen 3 is a bit thinner

The thinner blade’s pivot is where we see one of the major differences between the Hati Gen. 3 and its predecessors, as well as all the other production Shiro models. “After such a long pause in the manufacture of this model we simply could not just implement a few updates to make Hati Gen.3 be on par with our current lineup,” Tom writes. “After all, this is one of our earliest models, and it deserves both care and attention from us.” Thus Shiro made the Hatin Gen. 3 the first serial production model with their Captive Pivot System.

“As you can guess, this prevents the reciprocating screw from spinning,” explains Tom. Captive pivots are a commonly requested feature amongst enthusiasts, who are often interested in taking down their knives to maintain and tweak them; a captive pivot makes that job significantly easier. Finally, the Hati Gen. 3 has a random weave carbon fiber front scale, with a complimentary CF inlay on its titanium off-side scale. The off-side scale also houses the frame lock, of course, as well as a premium sculpted titanium pocket clip.

It looks like the first batch of Hati Gen. 3s are already gone – but don’t fret. Tom tells us that Shirogorov plans on making more in the coming months.

Knife in Featured Image: Shirogorov Hati Gen. 3