Shirogorov Slims Down the Quantum for Gen. 2

A little over a year after its original induction into the serial production side of the company’s output, the Shirogorov Quantum is getting a gen. 2 makeover. The Quantum Gen. 2 benefits from a clutch of minor changes that refine design without altering its fundamentals.

“The updated Quantum has undergone a number of changes,” Shirogorov rep Tom writes in an announcement from the shop. “They are not radical, but at the same time notable enough to be able to say that this is a new Quantum, different from Gen. 1.” The changes are mainly comprised of weight-saving alterations, starting with the blade itself. “[It] is still made out of M390, but it became slimmer, as we shrank it down from 4.0mm to 3.5mm,” Tom explains. He says that the reduced thickness helps further enhance this large knife’s slicing capabilities. “We have also kept the blade length at 95mm [3.74 inches], which with a slimmer blade and the upswept cutting edge will make the updated Quantum an even better slicer.”

“Bigger” smaller changes can be seen – and felt – on the handle. “We have added external milling (which goes hand in hand with internal milling and helps reduce the weight of this not particularly tiny folder),” Tom continues. There are three external cutouts on the show side scale, and two on the off-side (as well as the lock bar relief). More milling around the pivot plays into the new look, and also provides a nice indexing spot for the thumb or forefinger.

The new milling on the Gen. 2’s off-side

All of these inside and outside cutouts help to make the Quantum Gen. 2 notably lighter than its predecessor, saving almost half an ounce and bringing this big folder down to a very reasonable 4.3 oz. But Tom also points out that the new look and lighter weight have not affected the actual in-hand feel. “The overall shape and dimensions of the handle did not change, but it certainly looks different now.”

The new Quantum Gen. 2 is available starting today.

Knife in Featured Image: Shirogorov Quantum Gen. 2