Böker Brings out Fourth Folder from Kansei Matsuno

Böker is releasing a fresh batch of collaboration models for the fall. There are lots of knives on offer, among them the latest design from Kansei Matsuno, the Kenshi. The Kenshi follows in the aesthetic footprints of previous Böker/Matsuno collabs, while having a distinct historical knife reference that sets it apart.

Matsuno is a custom maker best known for his straightforward, refined takes historical folders and fixed blades – often with Western origins, but he works with Eastern patterns as well. Matsuno’s production work with Böker focuses on elegant, EDC-sized folders with gentlemanly looks. It’s clear at a glance that the Kenshi doesn’t break with this tradition. The shape of its 2.68-inch blade is a curved reverse tanto. The shape brings to mind the Higonokami, the iconic Japanese pen knife. It’s not a style you see every day, but here, with its strong tip, continuous curving edge, and VG-10 steel, it’s one that will serve well in just about any everyday capacity.

This is Matsuno’s fourth knife design for Böker, and interestingly his only thumb stud opener in the catalog so far; his previous collabs have showcased some unusual takes on flipper mechanisms. It does still have the ball bearing pivot setup of its predecessors, however.

The Kenshi’s pocket clip keeps it simple

The Kenshi’s handle curves in the same direction as the blade, which gives the knife’s overall profile a continuous, bow-like curve from tip to tail. As with Matsuno’s other Böker models and his custom pieces, the ergonomics are refined and uncomplicated. The liner lock Kenshi is being offered two ways: either with natural canvas Micarta scales, or with brass ones for that true, classic higonokami look. Naturally, the Micarta model is lighter, with a carry weight of just 1.9 oz.; the brass model, while nearly twice the weight at 3.42 oz., still falls within standard EDC parameters. Both versions have the same loop over pocket clip and a faux coined bolster etched into the back end of the show side scale.

The Kenshi is just one of many new models Böker has lined up for this fall. It is arriving alongside other designs from collaborators like Darriel Caston, Chuck Gedraitis, and Lucas Burnley, among others.

The Kenshi is set to be available at the end of September.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Kenshi