Chuck Gedraitis Nods to Italian Automatics with the Böker Icepick

Custom maker Chuck Gedraitis has partnered up with Böker for a new production model called the Icepick. The Icepick takes its visual language from the Italian stiletto, and translates it into a featherweight manual folder format. The Icepick is the latest project in a very busy year for Gedraitis.

With a 3.23-inch cutting edge, the Icepick’s dagger-style blade is clearly capable of the kind of piercing jobs its name evokes. But with a a bit of belly and work-ready VG-10 steel, it doesn’t shift out of the general EDC realm either. Part of this is also due to the grind. Some dagger-style blades come with dagger grinds, which means two live edges: one on the top, and one on the bottom. Others have a single live edge like most other blades; the Icepick falls into the latter category. Opening is done through an ambidextrous thumb disk which, like all the hardware on the knife, has been anodized a deep, glacial blue.

The handle, much like the blade, sticks closely to the Italian stiletto format, with its symmetrical, almost sword hilt-like silhouette. There are no quillion guards here, but a pair of fingers grooves on the top and bottom of the handle function in much the same way, keeping the user’s hand in place as well as providing a pinch point for high control during cutting chores. Front and back scales are made from carbon fiber, as is the backspacer; the thumb disk, sculpted clip, handle screws, and decorative ball inlayed in the show side scale are all made from titanium. The liners are made from stainless steel, but even so, this is quite a light knife for its size at 2.05 oz.

All the hardware on the Icepick is made from titanium

With the Icepick, Gedraitis rounds the final corner of a busy year. He has been working away on his Switch Army Knife custom, which takes the Swiss Army knife look into the automatic realm, and he also won the Best of the Rest award at Blade Show for his Marlin Knife. And back in the spring, Gedraitis helped Böker with an unusual production release, a folding version of the Smatchet fixed blade.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Icepick