We Knife Co. Gives Mid-Size Folder Fans a New Option with the Primoris

We Knife Co. is keeping up its usual rapid-fire reveal/release pace with a new in-house folder, the Primoris, on the way. The Primoris falls into line with other mid-size releases on the market, but is spiced up with a reptilian, organic aesthetic that helps it stand out from the pack.

If you’ve been following We Knife Co. – or, really, the knife market in general – there won’t be much on the Primoris that’ll surprise you. This is a mid-sized titanium frame lock flipper, with a 3.47-inch drop point blade. Versatility is the name of the game here, with enough length for hard work, but not so much cutting edge that the capacity for delicate, detail-intensive chores is lost. The blade’s long swedge is one of the elements that contributes to the Primoris’s saurian look, while also adding some extra resiliency and piercing power to the tip. This blade is opened solely through a flipper tab, and its CPM-20CV steel ensures high performance in all performance categories.

Stripped of the visual fireworks, the Primoris’s handle is as simple as they come. It’s large enough for any hand size, and devoid of any severe ridges or grooves that would proscribe (or prohibit!) particular grips. Both scales have been generously chamfered all around their perimeters, which does three main things: it creates dimensionality in the hand, provides points of control for different grips, and turns a minimalistic handle into something more stylish and singular.

The lock side and pocket clip of the Primoris

On the off-side of the 4.18 oz. Primoris, we see the frame lock with its customary steel insert; the eagle-eyed observer will also notice that the inside of the lock bar is both chamfered and textured to aid in disengagement. The package is rounded out with a deep carry pocket clip, which can be reversed to the show side to make carry a little easier for southpaws.

We is almost always in the process of showing off new knives. Many of these are collaborations, but recently their in-house team has been flexing its creative muscles. Last month they gave us the Saakshi, an elegant folder that falls into a similar size class as the Primoris, but is one of relatively few liner lock knives in the company’s lineup.

The Primoris is expected to arrive soon.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Primoris