We Knife Co. Team Creates New, Dressy EDC Knife

There’s a new main line We Knife on the way from the company’s in-house team. This is called the Saakshi, and combines a restrained design sensibility with the premium materials of a full fat We Knife Co. premium release.

Everything about the Saakshi’s profile screams (or maybe gently enunciates) “elegant EDC.” This isn’t a small blade, but neither is it overly large; so it’s best application is in a day-to-day carry role, with the flourishes and material elegance making it the kind of pocket knife that wouldn’t look out of place in dressier environs either.

The Saakshi has a 3.3-inch blade drawn up in a no-frills drop point shape. The blade steel is CPM-20CV, which we see regularly on high-end We knives (albeit not as much as M390). A full flat grind ensures that 20CV’s high edge retention and fine grain structure can really sing in slicing chores. There’s a long, slim fuller just beneath the spine, and for the deployment method we have the ceramic ball bearing-powered flipper that we’ve almost all experienced in one form or another by now.

Everything on the Saakshi is kept nice and simple

The handle compliments the universal, sleek blade with its equally familiar and refined shape. There are no finger grooves or other protrusions here, just a slightly arched back and a short run of jumping on the blade spine. In terms of construction, the Saakshi’s handle is comprised of full titanium liners (the off-side of which is a locking leaf) with scales laid on top; these scales can be made from marbled carbon fiber, cuibourtia wood, or G-10; a CF model with a black coated blade and blue anodized liners and hardware is also available. As We did in the Civivi line with the enduringly popular Elementum, the Saakshi’s liners are slightly larger than the scales on top, creating a letterboxing effect. The 3.07 oz. Saakshi’s pocket clip is a loop over design situated in a deep carry position.

With the Saakshi, we’re seeing the in-house crew at We stretch their creative muscles again, after a string of recent collaboration releases. Ostap Hel and Todd Knife & Tool brought out some fresh designs for them at the beginning of the year, and more recently Bob Terzuola joined in with a pair of tactical tweezers.

The Saakshi is slated to released on August 26th.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Saakshi