Kizer Designer Azo’s Daughter Draws up First Production Knife

There’s a new Kizer fixed blade on the way, and it comes from an unexpected new designer. The Baby is a versatile, user-friendly fixed blade designed by Kizer stalwart Azo Mai‘s daughter.

The Baby tackles the concept of an EDCable fixed blade in a straightforward way, marrying a dead simple handle to an unusual-looking, but intuitive blade shape. It’s a shape that we’ll call a modified drop point shape, or maybe a leaf blade: it has a very wide, flat grind, with a gently curved cutting edge of 3 inches. This profile aims at a universal role, capable of just about anything, whether a box needs opening, food needs slicing, or wood needs carving. The blade steel is 154CM, which dovetails nicely with the Baby’s general generalist bent as it is relatively resilient while retaining the ease of maintenance we associate with a lower tier of steel.

Between the cutting edge and the handle, you can see the most unusual element on the Baby. It has a pronounced ricasso, with a groove designed to accommodate the index finger for extra control and precision cutting. This portion has been jimped, as has a large stretch of the blade spine topside.

The handle itself is a classic, neutral shape, the kind of unassuming shape that wouldn’t even confuse a total knife neophyte. The scales are contoured G-10, available as usual in multiple colors, and there’s a lanyard hole on the back end. The Baby comes with a Kydex sheath and all in all it weighs 3.35 oz.

This is the first design from Azo’s daughter to make it into production. Kizer has been showcasing some work from unusual sources lately. Imkee Cheung, Kizer’s Marketing Supervisor, recently worked with Azo on the SS1, and the Mini Bay which released recently is another collaboration between Azo and a Kizer employee named Liz.

The Baby is arriving with dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Baby