Flytanium Crafts Ti Scales for the Elementum

For the first time ever the Elementum, the affordable EDC smash hit from Civivi, can have titanium scales thanks to the aftermarket mod mavens at Flytanium. The new scales give the budget-friendly fave an upscale feel that wouldn’t be out of place in the main We Knife Co. line.

We probably don’t need to go into great detail about the Elementum itself at this point. The flagship knife in the Civivi lineup, it’s a straightforward knife that still has a visual identity of its own, with a well-tuned flipping action that will please even hardcore knife nuts. Even thought it’s been a few years since the knife first came out, we are still seeing a nearly continuous stream of variations, including a button lock model, a tanto, and even a fixed blade; but this Flytanium mod marks the first time that the knife can be had with full titanium scales.

The scales’ contouring is subtle, but makes the Elementum more comfortable to hold

Granted, titanium scales aren’t exclusive to high-end knives anymore. We’ve seen a handful of sub-$100 knives with them, but it is still an uncommon sight – and in the current Civivi lineup, there are no folders with titanium scales at all. And unlike the standard Elementum scales (no matter the material), these Flytanium scales are subtly 3D-contoured, which should make the grip more comfortable and the knife more stylish, while adding a modicum of additional weight. According to Flytanium, the swap is a straightforward one: users merely have to remove the stock scales and put the new ones on with the same hardware, but it’s something that might be worth looking up a tutorial for if you aren’t familiar with knife disassembly processes.

Flytanium has been in the aftermarket mod business for quite some time. The last time we spoke to them was in December of 2016, when they dropped a set of titanium scales for the Benchmade Griptilian – scales that were designed by a then up-and-comer named TJ Schwarz. These days, Flytanium offers a slew of replacement scales in various materials for popular production knives like the 945 Mini Osborne and the Spyderco Smock, as well as pre-modded knives from Victorinox and others.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Elementum with Flytanium Ti Scales