Terrain 365 Otter Gets Slipjoint Flipper Threequel

Terrain 365‘s Otter family expands again this week, with the release of the Otter Slip Flip-AT. The Slip Flip takes the flipping mechanics of the last Otter release but brings it to the non-locking format of the original Otter model, with some twists of its own.

As a knife design, the Otter is Terrain 365’s take on the Barlow, and is thus a modern everyday carry folder or gent’s folder. The Slip Flip doesn’t alter any of these fundamentals, so you have the same spear point blade, measuring 3 inches long and made from Terrain 365’s rustproof Terravantium alloy. “The Otter Slip Flip-AT is in our full rustproof ‘AT’ configuration and probably in its simplest configuration as a folder,” writes company co-founder Patrick Ma in the official press release. “Simple, elegant in form, easy to use with one-hand and slips into any pocket.” Just as it was on the locking Otter in June, the Slip-Flip runs on a ceramic ball-bearing pivot for smooth and snappy deployment; but instead of a traditional spineside flipper tab, it has an inline flipper, which keeps the profile as streamlined as possible.

The handle is super clean, with a very gentle taper from back to front; gone is the bail that we saw on the two-hand Otter slippie, replaced by the sculpted titanium pocket clip that first appeared on the locking flipper. That model came with either full titanium scales and a frame lock, or in G-10 with a liner lock; here, we’re seeing the Slip Flip debut in both titanium and carbon fiber scale options. In either version both the front and back scales are identical, and the Slip Flip uses a double detent mechanism for blade retention in open and closed positions.

A glimpse of the flipper on the Slip Flip

It’s safe to say that the Otter has been a key product for Terrain 365. The slipjoint version released at the beginning of 2020, and obviously made people wonder if a locking model would follow. That request was answered a year later, with the debut of the locking flipper model.

The Otter Slip Flip-AT is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 Otter Slip Flip-AT