Bob Terzuola Crafts Tactical Tweezers for Civivi

The newest release from Civivi is something a little bit different. We Knife Co.’s budget label has turned out some non-knife accessories before, but the Tac-N-Tweeze is the first pair of tweezers in their lineup, and the only grooming accessory designed by the legendary Bob Terzuola (that we know of, at least).

Let’s break down that name. You can probably guess that the “Tweeze” part alludes to the fact that this is an EDCable set of tweezers, useful for removing splinters, handling delicate threads, even minor depilatory work. The “Tac” part is a bit harder to get a bead on. Obviously Terzuola is one of the fathers of the tactical knife scene, having created legendary fixed blades and folders in that genre. Unless you’re Agent 47, these particular tweezers would probably be of zero use in any tactical situation, but they do “deploy” in a manner not entirely unlike a modern folding knife: users unscrew the large knurled disk, then push it up a channel in the frame, sliding the tweezers out. Once the tweezers are fully deployed, the disk can be screwed back down to lock them in place. It isn’t a one to one comparison, but this opening mechanism puts us in mind of two other recent, unusual Civivi releases, the Polymorph and the Mandate.

The actual Tac-N-Tweeze tweezers are made from stainless steel, but the chassis and and the thumb disc are made from brass. Brass isn’t the lightest material in the world, but this is such a small gadget that weight isn’t a problem, with the Tac-N-Tweeze coming in at a measly .85 oz. There is no pocket clip on the frame, but a leather pocket slip is provided for carrying the Tac-N-Tweeze without damaging it or anything else jostling around in your pocket.

Believe it or not, the Tac-N-Tweeze is actually the very first Bob Terzuola collaboration in the Civivi lineup. Technically, there are no Terzuola designs at all in the We Knife Co. lineup either, although the Cyrus, which came out through Massdrop, was produced by the company.

Those interested in the Tac-N-Tweeze can pick one up now.

Tweezers in Featured Image: Civivi Tac-N-Tweeze