2021 Victorinox Damast Model is the Swiss Champ

Attention multitool aristocrats: there is an extremely fancy Swiss Champ model on the way, in the form of the 2021 Damast Limited Edition release. The Swiss Champ Damast has a Damasteel blade and upmarket handle scales, creating a very luxurious version of a Victorinox classic.

For many, the Swiss Champ is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife, in the sense that it packs in the most amount of tools while still being a practical, sensible carry – unlike, say, the recently released Swiss Champ XXL which, befitting its name, went overboard and then some in its pursuit of ultimate tool count. With 29 functions by Victorinox’s count, the Swiss Champ Damast covers all the expected bases, and is also equipped with some of the Swiss company’s more unusual tools, like a magnifying glass and a parcel hook.

But we’d reckon that anybody looking at this special edition is already familiar with the Swiss Champ itself; it’s the premium details here that will make or break the deal for these folks. As the name indicates, the Swiss Champ Damast’s main spear point blade is made from a Damasteel pattern. This pattern is called Bjorkman’s Twist, which has a metamorphic grain in tight, dovetailing, bow-shaped waves.

The other big change is in the scale materials. In lieu of good old-fashioned Cellidor, the Swiss Champ Damast is outfitted with shredded carbon fiber scales – an unusual, although not entirely unheard of, material in the Victorinox catalog. Do the scales affect the weight? Perhaps marginally, although given that the Cellidor scales are also lightweight, and the scales are so thin anyway, the difference is sure to be virtually nonexistent.

And anyway, for most buyers this will probably be a collector’s piece. The Swiss Champ Damast is available now, but restricted to 6000 pieces worldwide.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Swiss Champ Damast

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