Origin Goods Returns to EDC Fixed Blade Genre with the Tili

Canadian knife and jewelry shop Origin Goods is back on Kickstarter, funding a second EDC-sized fixed blade called the Tili. The new Tili shares some characteristics with its predecessor, not least of which its place of manufacture in Manitoba, Canada, but takes things in a different stylistic direction.

Marc Liss is a custom maker who operates under the shop name Origin Goods. We first covered his work in April of 2020, when he launched the Aleman, his first Kickstarter project. The Aleman’s defining feature was its kiridashi-style blade, which fit right into an EDC role, albeit in an unusual way. The Tili falls into the same EDC fixed blade genre, but instead of the kiridashi blade, it has a 2.38-inch modified wharncliffe blade, so it has the low, acute tip of a traditional wharnie with the slicing-friendly belly of a drop point. By default, the Tili comes made from the same steel as the Aleman before it: 1095 carbon. However, there is an add-on option for this one that allows users to upgrade their order to AEB-L, a well-regarded, well-rounded stainless steel that strikes an ideal EDC balance of edge retention and sharpenability without shifting into full super steel territory.

The Tili’s arched handle is almost a one-for-one recreation of that on the Aleman, albeit without the bottle opener feature that gave that knife its name. Three handle options are available: a scaleless model, one with resin-soaked hemp cord wrapped around it, and a third with oak slab scales. If you want something a little off the beaten path, you can get Richlite scales as an add-on. Richlite is a G-10 like material that turns up every so often in the knife world; most notably, Emerson has been making use of it a lot in its recent work. As far as carry goes, the Tili comes with a leather pocket slip-style sheath, but you can opt for a belt loop sheath for an additional fee.

The three default options for the Tili

The Tili being a Kickstarter project, Liss has chosen to implement a stretch goal for a fourth configuration option. This one is called the Ultralight, which has more pronounced skeletonization on its handle, which would make it the lightest version of the Tili on offer at 1.8 oz., compared to 2.15 oz. for the skeletonized model, 2.5 oz. for the hemp cord model, and about 3 oz. for the oak-handled model. That stretch goal was reached over the weekend.

Liss has slated the Tili for a December 2021 delivery. The Early Bird tier slots are all filled up, but backing at the remaining levels still gets the knife for a special discounted price relative to how much it will cost after the Kickstarter. The project has met its funding goal and is open for backing through July 31st, 2021.

Knife in Featured Image: Origin Goods Tili

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