SOG Terminus XR LTE is Lighter than Ever in Walnut Wood Limited Edition

The SOG Terminus XR LTE, one of the premier 2020 releases from the Washington-based company, is now available with walnut wood scales. In addition to the obvious visual upgrade, the walnut wood Terminus also has a noticeable impact on the specs.

At the beginning of 2020, SOG came out with a major brand refresh, redesigning and reorganizing their catalog to target current general user- and enthusiast-level trends. And while we saw new renditions of old favorites throughout that year and 2021, if there is a single knife that best represents the company’s new direction, it might be the Terminus XR LTE. This knife married an upscale, carbon fiber-laminate look to S35VN blade steel and the fidget-friendly XR Lock, and it debuted to positive reviews and community buzz.

The only change this new limited version makes is to swap out the G-10/CF laminate scales for ones made of walnut wood. There has always been something gent’s folder-y about the Terminus XR LTE, and that trait comes through clearly on this version. To accentuate the walnut wood’s natural grain, SOG opted not to give the scales on this model the same linear milling seen on the stock model’s scales. It is also worth noting that the walnut wood Terminus XR LTE is only available with a black TiNi coated blade.

The walnut wood Terminus XR LTE has a TiNi coated blade and matching clip

There’s one other exclusive Terminus XR LTE configuration extant, with copper scales instead of wood. As with any knife made from copper, it made a sacrifice in the weight department, and while 3.4 oz. is by no means egregious, compared to the other knives in the Terminus XR LTE family it was the heaviest by far. The walnut-scaled Terminus XR LTE, on the other hand, weighs just 1.9 oz. If you’re keeping track, this means that the walnut wood Terminus XR LTE is the lightest version of this knife yet made.

SOG tells us that just 300 of these knives have been made, and there aren’t likely to be any more. They are available now, so if you like it, you know what to do.

Knife in Featured Image: SOG Walnut Wood Terminus XR LTE