Latest Tommaso Rumici Fixed Blade Arrives from LionSteel

One of Italy’s most prominent knife makers, Tommaso Rumici, is back at it again with a new production collaboration series, the fixed blade H line. This new line, consisting of two models, sees Rumici partnering with LionSteel, who gave the design their Solid handle treatment.

“Tactical” means so many different things in the knife world that it almost means nothing at all. But, in general, it isn’t a tactical knife design isn’t typically associated with stylish or pretty knives. Rumici, however, has a knack for creating tactical designs that are also stylish and appealing in conventional ways. With the H series models, Rumici is offering his latest take on two different blade shapes: there’s the H1, which has a modified sheepsfoot blade, and the H2, which has a drop point, both of which benefit from his clean, assertive line work.

These are compact fixed blades, with blade lengths of 2.95 inches; this keeps the doors open for for utility knife chores as well as any self-defense or other tactical-style applications. LionSteel is producing these knives with their usual M390, so the performance in both fields will be on par with other last gen super steels.

The H2 has a drop point blade

As he did on last year’s Ferox model, Rumici created the H series handle with a karambit-esque finger ring on the end. The presence of the ring opens up a lot of unconventional grip options, but it also functions as a pommel for standard grips. The H1 and H2 are LionSteel Solid knives, which means that they have the fixed blade equivalent of an integral handle. On folders, an integral handle means one made from a single piece of material; on a fixed blade, on a LionSteel fixed blade, it means a 360-degree “scale” that wraps all the way around the knife tang. Besides just looking cool, the Solid handles up the ergonomics for users, keeping things comfortable during hard use. Both the H1 and the H2 comes with the same black leather sheath, one that is very much like those on many of their LionSteel stablemates, although a Kydex option is also available. The weight for either knife is 3.6 oz.

Like the aforementioned Ferox, the H series came into being through a partnership between Rumici and Coltelleria Scintilla, a well-known Italian knife store that Rumici has patronized since childhood. The H series is available at Coltelleria Scintilla now, but is headed to other international dealers shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel H2