New MKM Knife is a Compact, Ergonomic Voxnaes Design

MKM, the Maniago production powerhouse, has a new knife design on the way. It’s called the Lov, a Jesper Voxnaes design, made for compact, ergonomic, relatively affordable everyday carry.

Voxnaes falls into that category of multivalent makers who both have a specific, distinct personal style, but are capable of working outside of said style when the mood strikes. The Lov isn’t completely divorced from hallmark Voxnaes features, but, with its more angular profile and straightforward blade shape, it stands apart from other popular Voxnaes projects like the Pilar or the Dapper. Like the Pilar, however, it is a smallish knife, with a blade length of 2.83 inches. But the drop point looks ready to punch above its weight, with a robust, broad profile and a bladeside finger choil, perfect for choking up for extra control or leverage.

The Lov comes in multiple colors, all with a coated blade

In its relatively brief lifespan MKM has released knives of various price points, with steels coordinated to their cost. We’d call the Lov an entry level MKM piece, although it’s not a true budget release as it stickers at $100. In keeping with other MKM blades around that price point, the Lov comes made from N690Co. This European stainless has certainly earned its stripes, doing yeoman’s work on knives at many different knives for many years. It suits an everyday carry purpose particularly well thanks to its balanced, jack-of-all-trades capabilities, prioritizing no one particular trait while being adequate in them all.

The back lock Lov’s handle profile is all about the facets, with straight and curving lines played against each other on the top and bottom of the knife respectively. A deep curve can be seen right beneath the guard, creating a second finger choil to supplement the one on the blade. The scales have a sort of honeycomb texture to them, and, being made from FRN keep the weight a reasonable 2.65 oz. There’s a loop over wire pocket clip in tow on the Lov.

MKM is a production project of Mikita, a knife network comprised of the four major Maniago, Italy knife companies: Fox, LionSteel, Viper, and Mercury. The Mikita companies have been slowing building up the MKM catalog since 2018.

Knife in Featured Image: MKM Lov

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